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Rifle scopes can be a complex subject, therefore we carry a wide range at justopticsandscopes.com. Rifle scopes are extremely popular among airgunners because good scopes wring the last bit of accuracy from a gun. They also forgive a lot of common sighting errors, as seeing the sight and target clearly at the same time is a great aid to accurate shooting. This article will explain a lot of the confusing terms used to describe scopes, plus we will look at how some of these things really work. No one scope is perfect for every job, so by understanding the terminology you can better understand which scope will best help you accomplish what you need. We will look at the common terms first, then we'll explore the types of scopes to use for different shooting situations. In the model name "4 X 32," the number four refers to the magnification power of the scope. A 4-power scope enlarges the image four times. An 8-power scope enlarges things eight times, making it seem to be closer than when seen through a 4-power scope. That sounds good, but there are drawbacks to power.

The higher the magnification, the less area you can see through the scope. If your scope is too powerful, you may be able to see ants crawling on a blade of grass, but you'll never know which blade it is because they all look the same.

Higher magnification also eats light. An 8-power scope will show the same image darker than a 4-power, if everything else is the same. There are ways to increase the amount of light that passes through the scope, such as larger lens diameters and even a large scope tube diameter, but if that goes too far you get a large scope that is more difficult to mount.

Every lens in a scope robs a tiny bit of light that tries to pass through, so the higher the magnification, or the more lens coatings, usually the darker the image.

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