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All Barska binoculars feature professional optical glass, precision prisms and are available in models with various features. Selecting binoculars can be confusing at times,there are many features and options to consider. When selecting binoculars there are a few key features to pay attention to.
  • Binocular magnification is the most important feature to consider.
  • Binocular lens size, the larger the lens the brighter the image and wider the field of view (depending of magnification). But with size comes weight, you may not want to carry large binoculars on a day hike or sporting event.
  • The binoculars lens coatings and prism types directly effect the quality of the image. Better binocular lens coatings feature a higher quality image, at the high end are fully multi-coated lenses which deliver the highest viewing quality.
  • A viewing activity such as marine boating requires a more rugged binocular with features such as complete waterproof and fog proof protection. General viewing activities may not require such features. Keep in mind your specific use before choosing a binocular, you may not need binoculars with more expensive features.
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